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written on Friday, January 21, 2011 @4:42 PM
Losing Weight, Gaining Life, Laughing at Myself Along The Way

I seem to be having trouble getting anything at all done this week. There are mountains, literally, of laundry in my room that need to be done and don't even get me started on the dishes. I have an aversion to chores, I just despise them. If I was rich the one luxury I would have is a cleaning service. Despite all of that I always manage to get dinner cooked, I enjoy cooking so it usually isn't a problem unless I am just in the mood to eat out. A few days ago I made an incredible dinner from another Weight Watchers recipe- Chicken Mozzarella with Penne. Seriously, I could not tell it was low fat at all, it was that good.

To start you will need:

Throw your noodles in a pot and cook according to package. Put your egg substitute in a bowl. Put your panko breadcrumbs on a plate or shallow dish. The recipe called for italian seasoned panko and I only had plain so I just threw in a palmful of italian seasoning.

Next you need to season both sides of your chicken with salt and pepper...

Dip the chicken in the eggs:

And then roll it around in the panko breadcrumbs pressing while you do...

Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in your skillet and add your chicken. I had the heat on medium so the outside wouldn't burn- just make sure your chicken isn't too thick because then there is really no stopping it from burning.

When your chicken is finished set it aside and pour the spaghetti sauce into the same skillet the chicken was just in. Scrape it good the get all the good brown bits mixed in. Heat it through.

To plate it put 1/2 cup of noodles on your plate and place the chicken on top of them. Top that with 1/2 cup of sauce and a heavy pinch of mozzarella cheese. The finishing touch is basil. Just take a handful of basil leaves roll them up and shop them. Throw that on top and you have a great dinner. Seriously, it is awesome. I wouldn't lie :)

And though this is totally random, I just have to add that I think American Idol is already better than it has been in years- Steven Tyler is a real gem and I think they need to keep him forever. Oh and The Bachelor is really good so far too (Team Emily). I know those two show have absolutely nothing to do with the recipe above but I just had to let people know how I felt about it. That is all.

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