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written on Sunday, January 23, 2011 @11:25 PM
Losing Weight, Gaining Life, Laughing at Myself Along The Way

So many days go by in such a blur around here and before I know it another day has arrived. I am going to admit something on here and I don't know why but I feel like it can only help me get better. Here goes:

I am sitting more than 90% of the day.

Just in case you don't quite grasp the severity of the situation, I am a stay at home mom, I do not have an office job that requires me to sit at a desk. I have a huge problem with lack of desire to move around. This lack of desire led to me becoming 230 pounds. While I currently weigh 189 all of that weight was lost through diet change alone. I knew in order to try to change I needed to set myself a goal and that is where the 5 miles by the end of the year comes in.

Today I finally made it to the gym!! I will be attempting to make it there 3 times per week to work on my goal and to lift some weights. On to the exciting news: I ran 10 minutes straight without stopping at a 4.0 speed on the treadmill! I understand that this may seem lame to some people and I am sure many people could have done way more that that but for me this was a victory. It is my first time in the gym in at least a year and definitely my first time running on a treadmill just to see how far I could go. My distance covered was 2/3rds of a mile, which once again seems like no big deal except for the fact that we are talking about someone who hardly ever moves at all. I finished out 30 minutes on the treadmill at a brisk walk. Today I was proud of myself, truly proud. I set out to start on accomplishing a goal and had a great start.

Be assured that my legs have felt like noodles ever since. I did some ab and back workouts too but my legs are what I feel. When I wake up I am sure I will feel like I have been hit by a train but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I took a picture standing on the treadmill to show as well because I figure it will be neat to look at it next to an updated photo a few months in to see my progress. It is not a picture I am proud to show but I feel like it is a temporary me and I can be proud when looking at it later next to the new and improved me. So without further ado...

I already take great happiness in knowing that a few months ago I looked 50 times worse at 230 pounds. This me looks a heck of a lot better than that me did.

After the grueling workout we had salads and baked potatoes for dinner and they were scrumptious. We followed that up with the Steelers/Jets game (Yay for the Steelers!) and now I am going to finish up with my trip planningdaydreaming. Wish spring would hurry up already :)

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