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written on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 @12:18 AM
Losing Weight, Gaining Life, Laughing at Myself Along The Way

Last night the snow fairy paid us a visit. We woke up to no less than 4 inches of it piled all over the place. I know compared to what some people got that 4 inches is nothing, but to me it is catastrophic. I simply do not like snow, never have and probably never will.

My husband and my sister on the other hand love the stuff. Every time it snows the two of them go outside and have snow wars. I thought I would share with the rest of the world the kind of things I get to deal with on a daily basis.

Here is Heather getting her snowball ready. Note that it is the size of her head.

And here is Aaron getting his ready...

Now we have a face-off and clearly Heather brought the big guns.

Her first snowball left Aaron begging her for a truce-

But when she refused, he retaliated while the man in the background contemplated calling the police.

Aaron took a tumble while running away and Heather took full advantage of the situation.

We apparently watch too much WWE in this house.

Aaron was finally able to get up and run away

But being out of shape caught up to him quick and a timeout was taken...

The timeout lasted all of 10 seconds before Heather decided another snowball fight was in order.

Aaron channeled his inner Hulk- see for yourself:

And beaned Heather with a snowball:

Heather said she was done for the day and the two of them, friends again, called it quits.

Turns out, Heather lies.

I will spare you from seeing the rest of it because it never ends. Even our dogs don't know what to make of the two of them half the time.

Hopefully the snow will melt soon. I am so ready for Spring. In the meantime I will entertain myself by watching the snow fights and if they know what is good for them they will make sure no snowballs fly my way ;)

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