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written on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 @9:04 PM
Losing Weight, Gaining Life, Laughing at Myself Along The Way

Sometimes you just need comfort. For me comfort comes in the form of dining out. We live in an area surrounded by plenty of restaurants but tonight we just needed an old favorite that was out of our way. The long drive gave us extra time to talk and just relax with each other. It was a good night and I thought I would share it with you...

We went to Bonefish Grill, a place we love but don't get to make it to very often, maybe once a year if we are lucky. It is an old favorite and a place that offers true comfort to me. Let's face it, after my 10 minute run the other day, I can use all the comfort I can get- I am still waddling around like a duck and my legs hate me. When we got there we started out with the bread they bring out with oil and herbs.

Followed shortly by the Bang Bang Shrimp. All I can say is yum...

Aaron ordered the tilapia (we usually both go with this but I was feeling adventurous tonight)

And I had the Baja Fish Tacos (they were incredible)

Of course we couldn't leave without dessert so out came the chocolate creme brulee- yes you are allowed to be very jealous :)

There were tons of foodgasms happening...

The creme brulee didn't stand a chance.

I got the comfort I was looking for and hopefully it won't be another year before we get back there again. Goodbye for now Bonefish, you will be missed.


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